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About me

Since I were little I were a traveller, growing up a grew a curiosity to other cultures and world beyond mine, and today I consider myself a citizen of the world. 


Thanks to my family, my studies and late on for work I adapted to different international environments. I graduated in Technical Translation and Liaison interpreting in Italy, I also studied at University abroad to strengthen my foreign languages skills, in particular in Belgium, the UK and China. 

After graduation I worked first in Italy, then I also moved to Zurich Switzerland and Shanghai in China working for communication departments of multinational companies, which gave me a tremendous insight on crafting and editing messages for different types of texts. To get a better insight of these new activities of the digital works I also specialized with a master in Digital Marketing.

Now I offer my services to bridge language or communication barriers between different cultures in order to promote a correct communication, empower business opportunities, and act as mediator where cultural incomprehensions may arise. 

My business motto is "Go local, get local". 

My languages

Italian mothertongue




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